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An Integrated First Nations Unit Plan

First Nations Literature
This unit contains activities for several subject areas including Language Arts, Social Studies, Dance, and Drama. It begins with an introduction to oral tradition, storytelling, and First Nations' cultural areas. Students will learn how geographic location influences the evolution of the various First Nation’s cultures and they will be required to differentiate between the different types of First Nation’s mythology. The students will also be required to examine the literature to find information about First Nation’s beliefs, values, customs, and ways of life. Following that, students will identify common themes found in the First Nation’s literature, using drama and dance to gain a deeper understanding of the First Nation’s way of life.

The students will also learn what types of characteristics make stories ideal for retelling or reading aloud. They will select their own stories to retell to their classmates. They will also examine original and adapted versions of the same tale to warm them up for an authentication project. The final section, authenticating folklore, will teach students about the important role that good research plays in communicating accurate cultural information. It will also force students to pay attention to the intricate details in the literature.

Explorers, Fur Traders and the Métis Peoples Unit Plan

Saskatchewan Ministry of Education Unit Plans - Explorers, Fur Traders and the Métis Peoples
Students will:
* explorers and traders came to this country for a variety of reasons.
* people brought with them their own cultures.
* events and interactions among peoples brought about profound change

First Nations Peoples Unit Plan

Saskatchewan Ministry of Education Unit Plans - First Nations Peoples
Students will:
* appreciate and value the cultures and traditions of First Nations peoples.

Location and Physical Features Unit Plan

Saskatchewan Ministry of Education Unit Plans
Students will:
* interpret various maps of Canada Atlas of Canada
* identify and describe climate and geographic features of a region.
* learn to see relationships between/among climate, landforms, vegetation, and population distribution.

Canadian Symbols Unit Plan

Saskatchewan Ministry of Education Lesson Plans
Students will:
* identify and interpret some of the symbols of Canada and its regions.
* design symbols relevant to them.

Roman Empire

The Roman Empire in the First Century: from the Empires series on PBS

Roman Civilization

BBC Kids - Roman Civilization

Death in Rome: Online adventure - A blood-spattered Roman trader lies dead. You have until dawn to gather the evidence and identify the culprit.

Roman Gladiators

You Wouldn't Want to Be a Roman Gladiator! - This Web Book is based on the print publication "You Wouldn't Want To Be A Roman Gladiator!"

Mayan Civilization

Mayan Kids - A kid friendly site that gives students the opportunity to read about the Mayan people, pyramids, and beliefs, or play the Mayan game.

Mundo Maya -From Mundo Maya Magazine, this site has articles about Mayan archaeology, history, nature, daily life, handicrafts, and legends.

Mystery of the Maya - Learn Mayan math and watch slideshows of Mayan architecture, costumes, and sculpture.

Crucible of Civilization

The Greeks - Crucible of Civilization - from the Empires series on PBS
A great interactive site for students to go through on their own and role play as a citizen of ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece

BBC Kids - Ancient Greece
A great website with lots of interactive and colourful activities for students. Broken down into different cities, events and important features of the time. Well organized and easy to use - very kid friendly!

Build a Pyramid

BBC Pyramid Challenge Game - As an Egyptian vizier, or chief minister, you must undertake the most important project of your career - to build the king's tomb

Ancient Egypt

National Geographic Ancient Egypt: Students can explore photos and video clips of exploration, translate personal message into hieroglyphic postcards and documents to send or print, explore online maps, and great, interesting links.

Ancient Egypt Webquest

Ancient Egypt Webquest: Elementary students can now enjoy locating information on Ancient Egypt. Learn about Ancient Egyptian daily life, Egyptian mummies, Egyptian games, hieroglyphics, archeology, and King Tut

Museum Resources for Ancient Egypt

Canadian Museum of Civilization - Virtual Tour of King Tut's Tomb
See if you can discover the entrance to his tomb. Venture down the steps and through the corridor leading to the antechamber (you may have to play with the controls in order to get through the small entrance-ways). Explore the different rooms. Examine the wall-paintings in the burial chamber. Can you find Tut's mummy within the nested layers of the royal sarcophagus? If you investigate very carefully, you may even find yourself inside a mouse-hole, looking out into the burial chamber!

Royal Ontario Museum Online Activities: Ancient Egypt
Website includes the activities listed below, detailed articles, annotated links and suggestions for further reading.

Matching Quiz
ROM Online Activities: Test your knowledge of everyday Egyptian objects

Make Your Own Mummy!
ROM Online Activities: Learn how to make your own miniature mummy

Writing in Egyptian Hieroglyphs
ROM Online Activities: Learn how to write with Egyptian Hieroglyphs and use the Interactive translator to write, then print, your name.

VR Tour of the Ancient Egyptian Gallery

ROM Online Activities: Browse through the Late Egypt section of the Ancient Egypt gallery and see a cast of two walls from the New Kingdom mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahri in western Thebes.

BBC Ancient History

BBC Ancient History - From the death cults of Egypt to the fearsome yet sophisticated society of the Vikings, the ancient world was a surprising and challenging place.

* Egyptians
* Greeks
* British Prehistory
* Romans
* Vikings
* Anglo-Saxons
* Ancient India
* Other Cultures

Ancient Civilizations for Kids:

Ancient Civilizations for Kids: List of kid friendly links.

Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends: A teacher created list of resource for myths and legends from all types of early and ancient civilizations.